Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glitter Deux Lux Clutch Wallet

I found this adorable little clutch/wallet walking around in downtown Birmingham after our pedicure.

We happened across 110 Couture boutique that I have seen but never been in.  So we popped in.  Lots of tops, dresses and jeans.  We spotted this collection of clutches, makeup pouches and little zip bags.  How perfect for that liner, lipstick and comb.  

It holds credit cards, ID, money and has a zipper change pocket on the other side.  With a ton of colors to choose from (hot pink to green) I picked the gun metal it takes on any color your wearing or near at the moment.  I can't wait to use it :)  

My friend wanted them for her teenage Daughters.

Happy Spring!

Nutrition: The Diet We All Need For Great Skin

Your skin needs more than just sunscreen and moisturizer to stay healthy.  You need a diet rich in foods that have these wrinkle fighting nutrients that helps your hair and nails also!

Go to this link at Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! to get the complete diet: Karen B's Cooking Made Easy!

Print it off and keep as a handy reference.

Happy Spring!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

How To Grow A Garden In The City

Living in the city now after living in the country has it's challenges.  A garden for instance.  Vegetables planted in pots spiked with bamboo for the plants to grow upward instead of out and keeping the "city" varmints away!  Yes, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks are the worst.  There is no Alvin here!

This year I am on a mission.  So we dug up the yard on the side of the house that no one ever sees or has any use for.  With a quick trip to Home Depot for some in expensive border (.99 cents per foot) tapped it in with a hammer and walla, we have a mini garden.

After turning the dirt several times and when the weather warmed up enough to be able to plant our seedlings that were starting to take over our living room we are finally ready.

This is what we will have:
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes
  • Plum Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Oregano
  • Dill
  • Thyme
  • Yellow Squash
  • Green Squash
  • Cucumbers
The chives are a no brain-er, they keep coming back in the terracotta pot year after year.  This year I planted them in the ground earlier this spring.

The tomatoes and squash will have to be trellised so we used  bamboo and twine to help the plants grow upward to keep them out of the yard.

The Chipmunks are our main problem.  They eat the tomatoes green or red.  Last year the little guy cleaned my cherry tomatoes right off the vine before they turned red!  So spotting him in the yard running into his little hole by the garage steps I quickly sprinkled the hole and surrounding are with red pepper flakes to keep him at bay.  He can go build a underground maze in someone else's back yard!

We can't wait until we can pick some fresh veggies and herbs to toss in our salads this year!  I will keep you posted.

Happy Spring!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers Make My Heart Warm :)

My Peony's

Afaf's Tulips


Sarah/Sassy said...

Just gorgeous! I LOVE peonies!!!!
Our peonies are just starting to bloom. Life in the north...

Summer Pedicure With Essie Perky Purple Nail Polish

I just returned from a much needed pedicure with my best friend.  The long over due girl talk and Spa Pedicure was the best thing on this beautiful sunny morning.

Upon arrival to the salon it was a difficult decision to make as to what color nail polish I would want on my toes.  I grabbed my usual Opi red/pink standby and then asked the gal what colors were popular.  She made the made dash to the counter with all the "NEON" looking colors!  I did give her a funny look and said "what does it glow in the dark?"  She laughed and said no, look.  Then she painted the NEON looking purple on her nail.  I fell in love with it!

So this is what I decided to go with.  My friend Roxana walked in and took one look.  She instantly gave me the same look I gave the gal when she showed it to me.  Roxana still decided to do the pink.

After catching up and being all dry we both ended up purchasing a bottle of the new look:

essie - Perky Purple - #693

Happy with our newly manicured toes off we went to visit the downtown and hit the coffee shop :)

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Do I Jump Start My Metabolism?

Metabolism according to Wikipedia:

Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. Metabolism is usually divided into two categories.Catabolism breaks down organic matter, for example to harvest energy in cellular respirationAnabolism, on the other hand, uses energy to construct components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids.

During my last visit at my Doctors office I asked him a question "Do you have a magic vitamin or something to jump start my Metabolism?", "I think it has stopped".  He just sat back and laughed.  Then he proceeded to fill me in on this little phenomenon that happens to all of us at some point in our lives whether we want it to or not.  Our Metabolism slows down as we age.  

I'm a Mother in my early forties with two children a seven and four year old.  I eat pretty healthy and exercise when ever I get a chance.  Getting thirty minutes of cardio every day is a part of my daily routine.  Yoga, Pilate's and some strength training are squeezed in when I get that extra Mommy time which rarely happens these days.  So I park the car far away from the store front and walk, take stairs instead of the escalators, walk to the school instead of drive... I try to get that little extra in when I get the chance.  Now this is coming from a person who absolutely hates to exercise!  I never had to when I was young.  I could always eat what I wanted and stayed stick thin. 
 Then I grew up.
Now that I am in my forty's my Metabolism has started to slow down.  For example if my out take of was 5,000 when I exercised for 30 minutes before, my out take now is only 4,000 for thirty minutes of exercise.  My choice is to either reduce my in take of calories or increase my out take.  I have to add an additional thirty minutes to my cardio work out.  My Dr. told me to look at it this way; the first thirty minutes is for cardio (which we all need) the second thirty minutes is for weight loss.  It's either add the additional thirty minutes on the treadmill or don't eat as much anymore.

So I have decided to to both.  My first day on the treadmill for an hour was a long one!  I did start my new routine at the club instead of at home.  Thinking that I had an hour during my Daughter's swim lesson to hit the treadmill with others working out I would have the incentive to go the full hour.  After the first thirty minutes I seemed to relax a bit and actually did get a little bit more energy!  Then I think it dropped off at the forty five minute mark but I struggled through to the end.  Feeling very proud of my accomplishment I knew I could do it again another day.

So today I was at home on the treadmill.  I managed to get in my full hour and it seemed a bit easier.  I was able to get in some running along the way.  With the egg white and spinach scramble for breakfast and the veggie lavash wrap for lunch I did pretty well.  We shall see how we do over the next month.  No scale was used it's the clothing that will tell the truth here! Let's see how we do, I will keep you posted :)

Happy Spring!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian Movie Special Screening Review

We were the lucky ones tonight to be able to catch a special screening of the new hit movie "Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian".

Ben Stiller returns as his character Mr. Daley, but not as the night guard but as a successful inventor of the new glow in the dark flashlight.  When he finds his old friends at the Museum of Natural History in New York City being boxed up and shipped off to the Smithsonian to be placed in the archives for eternity he has to help save the day.

This sequel has everyone in it from Ivan The Terrible (Christopher Guest), Young Al Capone, Cherubs, Darth Vader, The Grouch from Sesame Street, General Custer,  President Abraham Lincoln, NASA Astronauts, Giant Octapi to Napoleon (Alain Chabat).

The Movie is very entertaining, funny, full of surprises and thrills.  Fighter jets fly through the grand Smithsonian halls as extinct Woolly Mammoths wander about while flying dinosaurs soar above the exhibits from the two separate museums fighting for control of the magical tablet that would let Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria) the King of Kings have control of the world. 

Mr. Daley teams up with Amelia Earhart played by Amy Adams to return the exhibits back to their proper museum before it's too late.  

There is so much going on at all times you may have to watch it more than once to see it all.  From the statues coming to life to the portraits becoming human like to the main characters hiding out in a world inside a photograph hanging on the wall.  It's all there!

We loved it!  My kids loved it!  It's a keeper.  I recommend this movie and give it a thumbs up!

Movie debuts on Memorial Day!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Will have to see this one! I really liked the first one and am always using two of the lines from it..both from Mickey Rooney:

"You look like a weirdie"
"Are you cracking wise?"

Both of those still crack me up. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diet Sodas Causes Weight Gain?

Drinking diet sodas may actually cause you to gain weight instead of losing it.

The Dr's TV show said that the artificial sweeteners can trick your body into confusion.  It knows you just drank a can of soda because of the sweeteners and it all of a sudden asks itself "well where is it?".  Then your body rebounds to fill that void.

But they didn't say to go back to regular Soda's either.  One can a soda a day is 140 calories and can attribute to an additional 15lbs on your body in one year. 

They say that drinking the diet soda becomes a habit.  So a healthier replacement for the diet soda is tea!  Japanese Green Tea is a wonderful choice.  It's healthy and is a great antioxidant, which is said to help flush all the bad toxins from your body.

How do you break that habit?  Look at it this way; when you do something 20 times, it becomes a habit.  It may take a bit longer to break that habit :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Betsy Johnson Bangle Bracelets So Cute!

While scrolling though blogs I spotted these amazing Betsy Johnson Bracelets.... They are so cute!  I just wanted to share with you.  They are around $38.00 not bad.  I love the colors and the embedded pearls. 

A great look for summer!

So upon searching for more I also found this cute Betsy Johnson Scarf... what a find on  her site.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To Speak Fluent Sushi

Have you been to a Sushi restaurant, looked at the menu and became overwhelmed?  Do you need to see the pictures of everything your order so you know what you are going to be brave enough to eat for dinner?   Do you need to drink multiple cups of Sake to prepare yourself for what you just ordered?  If so you are so not alone.

Sushi all the rage is attracting newcomers on a daily basis.  I tell my friends "you acquire a taste for it and then you crave it!"  Like a fine wine, you try it all and decide what works for you, not what someone thinks you will like.   No two taste buds are alike now are they?

Here is some help I found while reading the paper a while ago, I saved the article and think it would be helpful to share with you beginning sushi lovers.

Speak Sushi Fluently:

Sushi: Sweetened, pickled rice and anything made with it

Shari: Sushi rice, also called sushi meshi

Sashimi: Raw fish fillets without rice

Makizushi (or maki): Sushi rolled in seaweed

Nigiri: Fish, shellfish or fish eggs (called roe) over rice balls

Nori: Thin sheets of dried seaweed

Gari: Pickled ginger

Wasabi: Hot, green Japanese horseradish (not related to American horseradish)

Miso: Soybean paste

Edamame: Green Soybeans

Suimono: Clear broth

Sunomono: Seaweed and cucumber salad

Dalkon: White radish

Ocha: Green Tea

Hashi: Chopsticks

Shoyu: Japanese soy sauce

Chirasi: Sushi rice in a bowl topped with other ingredients

Sake: Salmon (spelled the same way as the alcoholic beverage)

Ebi: Shrimp

Toro: Fatty tuna belly

Maguro: Tuna

Unagi: Freshwater eel

Ikura: Salmon roe

Tobiko: Flying fish roe

Tako: Cooked octopus

Tamago: Omelet

I hope this helps you the next time you wander out the your local Sushi bar!  If have any additional info to share please feel free to leave it in my comments :)

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bride Wars Directed by Kate Hudson - Movie Review

I watched the movie "Bride Wars" tonight.  Starring in this chick flick was Kate Hudson (who also directed) and Anne Hathaway.

It was a cute story about two life time friends both with a dream of someday getting married at the Plaza in New York City.  As the story unfolds of course with the venue double booking their wedding dates they end up fighting over which one gets to have her wedding on the available date.

Kate Hudson plays a lawyer, Liv, and makes more money than Anne Hathaway's character and has the attitude to go along with it.  I'm not sure what the studio costume and hair stylists were thinking though.  Her long blond hair with bangs which looked like a wig was annoying.  She is such a beautiful girl why did they have to go and mess with her?  It wasn't until the actual wedding scenes that they finally figured it out and fixed it.

I was a bit disappointed with the movie but it was cute.  I don't think my hubby would have liked it too much, he would have sat through it and said "it was cute".  He sometimes watches a chick flick to make me happy :)

I give it: lll out of Five.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How To Wear Those Bold & Bright Fashions This Spring

YELLOW.... PINK.... GREEN.....

This Fashion season bold and bright flashy colors are in!

How do you pull these off? What ever you do, don't dress from head to toe in the bold color! Try wearing only one article at a time.

For instance, the new hot color right now is bright yellow. Wear a yellow tank or top under a light weight blue jacket with white pants or Capri's.

Wear that bright yellow shoe, espadrilles, strapy sandal or flat with a blue jacket white tank and white pant.Or, play it safe and just carry the yellow bag instead.

If you are like me 40 something.... you can absolutely wear the latest trends if you do so wisely. Just don't over do it or you will end up looking like a large neon light walking around.

These fun Spring colors go well with neutrals and Nautical colors as well.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating the sequins and sticky stuff of motherhood

My daughter hangs out with a lot of moms. Right now, she is at Chloe's, and it is Chloe's mom who is placing sparkle on my daughter's face, brushing her long hair and tying it back. She is supervising two girls getting into two cowgirl costumes for the school talent show.

Now that I think about it, it was Chloe's mom who prowled the aisles at Target and Old Navy, finding the perfect $3.99 outsized cowboy hat for the girls' act, using a glue-gun to staple sequins on their denim shorts, keeping an eye on their practice schedule so they would be prepared for the show. Chloe's mom whipped up spaghetti and turkey meat loaf when the rehearsals and playdates ran late. "It's nice that your husband lends you out like this," I said to her, half-joking, half-marveling at the miracle that is a full-time wife and mother.

Before I had a daughter, I believed in the myth of the mommy wars -- a seething, if unspoken battle between the full-time at home moms and the working moms. It's not entirely a myth of course: there can be tension, a lack of trust and understanding between women who have followed different paths, and particularly, who expend their energy as parents in different ways.

I used to hear women say, "I'm important in my family and that's the only place that matters," and wonder if they had missed entirely the way the world is a large and exciting stage. Having no firsthand sense of the leading role that a mother plays in the lives of her children, I imagined they were evolutionary throwbacks, who had missed the dawning of a careerist age for women. Now I am grateful for these moms -- the full-time, or mostly-so on the scene ones, because they keep a lot of ships floating.

They are the room mothers, devising games and crafts for the school Valentine's Day parties. They are the volunteers at field days and field trips, the Brownie leaders, the mothers with discretionary time who, instead of writing novels, create imaginative events in their children's lives.

A friend of mine -- a C.P.A. who switched careers to full-time mom -- gave her sons "sticky stuff" birthday parties, a concept she invented specifically so they could make the kinds of gooey messes no one wants in their home. I can only imagine how heroic her sons must think their mom, the one who awed their friends by letting them express their inner-stickiness.
So many factors go into parenting that I have long since abandoned any hope of understanding clear cut rules for turning out happy and productive children. What I have learned is that expertise, in general, ought not be underestimated: It's the passion for excellence I want my daughter, Lina, to emulate, not the glue gun.

This week, and for a few before that, Chloe's mom subbed for me in a way that made a clear difference in the life of an eight-year-old girl who is not her daughter. Lina and Chloe danced at the talent show with style born of practice, and sequins that would never, under any circumstances, be part of my personal maternal repertoire. And she's not the only one -- there are a slew of mom sorority sisters who know when a big swoop-in or save is needed. My own mom -- Lina's dedicated, on-the-scene, amazing grandmother -- goes so far above and beyond that I can't in fairness include her here.

My daughter hangs out with a lot of moms who look out for her as if she were their own. That this club of moms exists is a continuing revelation, in the sense that it creates a sense of gratitude and sometimes even awe.

This is one of the reasons, I have belatedly learned, there is a holiday that honors mothers of all styles and gifts. They call it Mother's Day. Have a very happy one.

-Laura Berman
I would like to thank my dear friend Laura for the kind words, she brought tears to my eyes this morning! Happy Mothers Day Laura!
You can read more of Laura Berman's columns at:
Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jif Peanut Butter vs Kroger Natural Peanut Butter

Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of the peanut butter jar? Whether it be Jif, Peter Pan or store brand you will be shocked if you haven't!

Sitting down one day taking a break and having a cup of green tea I started to channel surf. Happened across Oprah. The good Dr. Oz was on. He was discussing the topic of weight loss and what foods to eat and what to avoid.

Someone had said that she heard that a spoonful of peanut butter was good for you and wanted to know if it was true. Dr. Oz said "it is" if you eat the right one..... and then I sat up.

My kids eat peanut butter and jelly ALL the time! My Husband eats it on toast in the morning, he heard it was good for you.

Most peanut butters have Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils in them. Dr. Oz explained it like this:
"You know that can of Crisco that your Mother had sitting on the shelve that seemed to be there for ever? That is Hydrogenated Oil, it has a shelve life of a really really long time." It isn't natural so your body does not know what to do with it. Not to mention how incredibly bad it is for you!

Would you eat Crisco by the spoonful? Well if you eat some peanut butters by the spoonful you have! Shocked yet?

I think my Mother still has that can of Crisco on the shelf because she never throws anything away, and my guess is that it was in this years Christmas cookies. Ugggg!

Here we go, here are the ingredients from two jars of peanut butter:

Jif Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Sugar
  • Molasses
  • Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed (?) and Soybean
  • Mono- and Diglycerides
  • Salt

Kroger Brand Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Salt

My Family now eats Natural peanut butter! We have since the show. Yes, you have to stir it and keep it in the fridge. It does sometimes cost more but, you use less! You will be amazed on how quick you can convert over.

I used to glob on the peanut butter, I think that is standard practice in sandwich making. If I put that much of the Natural peanut butter on, you wouldn't be able to open your mouth. The natural has only peanuts and salt, it has a much stronger pnut taste so you will definitely use less, save money and get healthier all at the same time. See isn't it "easy"!

I did have to learn to use less on the kids sandwich and they love it! Funny that spoonful I used to eat when I was finished making lunches has turned into just the tip of the butter knife :)

The recommendation for cooking...... if you have used it please leave us comments. I have not been brave enough to put it in my chocolate chip peanut butter cookies yet! But I intend to the next time I bake. I will also let you know!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom's the word for Mothers Day!

Mom's the word...

For 95 years now, Americans have carved out an official special day for mom, rough economy or no. And crimped cash flow certainly doesn't have to mean putting the kibosh on a meaningful Mother's Day (besides, avoiding a jam-packed restaurant might not be so bad). Make this Sunday, May 10 a more-heartfelt holiday with some simple homespun love.

- Kim Kovelle

Spell out your affection
Chocolate and cards are great to give. If your budget has taken quiet a pinch try some of these idea's for Mom this year. You just may be surprised! If you are a Mom print this off and leave it laying around for those in your family to see :)

Being a Mom means a life full of stress. Give a gift a massage to help her manage the stress. If you can't do the massage, offer to rub her shoulders for her. Not only will this make her happy but her heart will sing :)

Help Mom out with establishing order in the house. Take the initiative and make room in the garage for her car, kids clean up your rooms and make your beds when you get up. Hang up the bath towels. Set and clear the table after dinner ;)

"Give the gift of time". Spend some time with Mom doing what she enjoys the most.

Provide regular help with household chores, bedtime routines. Find out what Mom needs to accomplish and see how you can assist her with her responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities you will find you can be doing regularly.

Tell mom how much you love and appreciate her! Write a note, call, email or send a card. Try to be specific you will see her smile even if your not in the room :)

Establish a quiet peaceful home atmosphere. Let Mom sleep in, then take her coffee in bed while she watches a movie she has on Tivo or tape. Suggest an afternoon nap or bubble bath. All Mom's love their few minutes of quiet time ;)

See my other site for some great recipes that you could easily cook for Mom' on Mothers Day:

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Ole' - Jose Cuervo Margarita's!

The holiday is Mexican and it celebrates the victory of 4,000 Mexican soldiers against 8,000 French forces on the morning of May5, 1862. A common misconception is that Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's Independence Day. That day is in fact September 16th.Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated everywhere in Mexico (it's a regional holiday) but it is observed in America and in many countries around the world as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.The battle of Cinco de Mayo took place at the town of Puebla, 100 miles east of Mexico City.

According to Viva Cinco de Mayo, the French army attacked Mexico City, assuming that the Mexican army would surrender if their capital city was taken:Under the command of Texas-born General Zaragosa, (and the cavalry under the command of Colonel Porfirio Diaz, later to be Mexico's president and dictator), the Mexicans awaited. Brightly dressed French Dragoons led the enemy columns. The Mexican Army was less stylish.General Zaragosa ordered Colonel Diaz to take his cavalry, the best in the world, out to the French flanks. In response, the French did a most stupid thing; they sent their cavalry off to chase Diaz and his men, who proceeded to butcher them. The remaining French infantrymen charged the Mexican defenders through sloppy mud from a thunderstorm and through hundreds of head of stampeding cattle stirred up by Indians armed only with machetes.

The outnumbered Mexicans defeated the French army in a great victory. It had consequences for America as well because the French defeat denied Napolean III the opportunity to resupply the Confederate rebels for another year.Wikipedia informs us that the battle was significant for at least these two reasons as well. One, the Mexicans, out-numbered and out-gunned, beat a French army that had not tasted defeat in 50 years. And two, this was "the last time that an army from another continent invaded the Americas."

Perfect Margarita:
  • 1 oz. Cuervo Especial® tequila
  • 3 oz. Cuervo Lime Margarita Mix®
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice (or more)
  • Salt
  • Lime Wedge

Rub the rim of a chilled margarita glass with the lime and dip it into the salt to coat it. In a cocktail shaker, combine Jose Cuervo Especial, Jose Cuervo Lime Margarita Mix and ice. Shake vigorously and strain drink into the garnished glass filled with ice. Alcohol Content .40 fl. oz.

Pomegranate Margarita:

  • 1.5 oz. Cuervo Especial® tequila
  • 3 oz. Cuervo Lime Margarita Mix®
  • 2 oz. pomegranate juice
  • Lime wedge
  • Ice cubes

Pour Cuervo Especial®, Cuervo Lime Margarita Mix® and pomegranate juice into cocktail shaker half full with ice. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with lime wedge.Alcohol Content .60 fl. oz.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Mothers Day Gift Idea: Toute la Nuit Loungewear

Toute la Nuit Loungewear, founded by 2SisterDesigns’ jewelry designer Karen Judge, launched its premier collection August 2008, for the Spring/Summer 2009 season at the CurvExpo tradeshows in New York and Las Vegas.
Inspired by a need for feminine, romantic, and sophisticated loungewear options, Toute la Nuit was created to give women something exciting for “private time,” in which they could also answer the door when the postman rings. “‘Bed to breakfast’ is what my friend Laura calls the collection,” Karen says. “I kept looking for loungewear in luxurious fabrics that weren’t either completely see-thru or styled after men’s pajamas – without success. So I decided to take on the challenge. I believe Toute la Nuit Loungewear fills that empty niche,” said Karen.
Made in the USA of washable linens and silks, Toute la Nuit is created using quality craftsmanship, and is carried by top, trendsetting retailers.“What could be better than having something beautiful and comfortable to go to sleep in, wake up in, and walk around the house in? And even better is when that something is high quality but does not require special care; all Toute la Nuit garments are machine washable. You can enjoy your Toute la Nuit pieces for many seasons to come,” Karen added.

Toute la Nuit Loungewear:


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daily Tip! Planting Spring Flowers & Mothers Day

Remember Mother's Day is early this year!
I went to Bordine Nursery yesterday to grab my carload of flats to plant next week. Thought that I would get a head start this year. Nope!

When I walked in I was needless to say over whelmed with all the flowers and the varieties of colors to choose from. Remember when there was just three basic colors of Impatiens? Red, pink or white. There was every color in the rainbow and then some. Flash Mix, Xtreme Hot Mix, Stardust Mix and for their 70th year anniversary a Mrs. B's Anniversary Impatien Mix!

You also have your Double Impatiens and New Guinea to choose from. I was a bit taken back and had to call for backup. So I hunted down my Sister In Law Sharon, a longtime employee and Manager at the store. After sifting through all the choices and colors we came up with a pallet that would work! All one splash of color. Impatiens with Begonia's in a salmon pink color scheme.

My Son at that point pushed the plant cart across the isle and away it went! Like a bad dream picking up speed heading right towards a plant display! It crashed 1/2 inch short of disaster! Everyone looked and then turned to see where his parent was! I told Sharon "you don't have to admit that we are related". She just laughed and said "remember I have a son too!".

So with color spikes in hand just as I started to load up the cart Sharon asked "your not planting these now are you?" I said "no, next week it's Mother Day Weekend". She said "remember this year Mother's Day is early!". So she sent me home flat less! I was told to come back in another couple weeks. The frost threat is still present. She also said that until the earth is warm to touch the plants are just going to sit there and do nothing.

It's better to wait then take the risk and get a fresh batch that will thrive as soon as you plant.
Happy Spring!

Kim T. said...
Good info to know. Thanks! I knew there was a reason I check your blog.
May 3, 2009 10:08 AM

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