Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Decorations

A simple bow and ornament can spice up any greenery you have around the home.

Don't leave out the topiaries, use your own and save the cost of running out and buying pre-decorated versions that sit in storage eleven months out of the year ;)

Save Money With Services By Repairpal

I would like to thank our Sponsor's this Holiday Season, if it wasn't for them we would not be able to do what we do for all of you. Happy Holidays from Karen B.

Now a word from our Sponsor:

We are all in need of service's at one time or another. Whether it be home, auto, or health related services. Rpairpal offers you a service in time of need.

If you live in the Dallas area and are in need of a brake job on say your Chevrolet Silverado there is a handy service you can get before you go to the service station. You can go to Dallas auto repair and get advice on the repair, be directed to a service station or dealer in your immediate area.

You can look up your type of service needed for example a brake job, diagnose your problem and be directed on what type of repair you will need and be given the closest location to you. This helps save time and money. If you go in knowing ahead of time you will not get the run around for services you don't actually need. As always, do your homework before signing up for any services offered at anytime ;)

Happy Winter ;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Leg Warmer And Knee High Socks For Tweens And Teens

Check out these adorable leg warmers and knee high socks back in style for the Tween or Teen in your life! Oh so cute and in many style's and color patterns.

The leg warmers are great to wear with tights and a skirt and will also keep the legs warm on cold Winter mornings going to school.

We found this display at our local Clair's store. You can find them anywhere from Bed Bath to Nordstroms.

Work From Home With Ameriplan

Ameriplan (a sponsor) offers a work from home opportunity for those looking to start a business to work from home.

They are a company that gets members discounts on dental and medical bills. Ameriplan also offers a vision, prescription and chiropractic discount program for those in need.

They are not an insurance company but a company that provides members discounts. Their work from home offer may cost you money up front so you do need to do your home work thoroughly and check them out before pursuing your work from home dreams.

Ameriplan claims that they are associated with Dunn and Bradstreet and others as always I recommend you do your homework and research.

Happy Winter!

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