Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cute Summer Pink and Green Sandals

My great find at the Anchor Cottage in Sutton's Bay, Michigan

Shopping At Anchor Cottage Sutton's Bay Michigan

One of our favorite shops in Sutton's Bay, we all love it!  They have everything from Rugs to Baby gifts.  My Mother In Law bought a beautiful Nantucket style basket filled with ivy, purple lavender and ribbons.

The shop is filled from top to bottom and their displays are so adorable it makes you want to redo every room in your home.

We loved these nesting baskets great for hauling clothes back and forth to the cottage or the beach, magazines, picnics as well as other uses.

Northern Michigan Vacation

Driving along the lakes around Northern Michigan you will notice all the address signs the owners have made and posted at the end of the driveways for friends and relatives to find their way.  Some are very simple and others get very creative.

Most of the driveways are long and wind through the Michigan pine trees all the way down to the cottage nestled along the lake shore.

At last your destination!

Unload the car and get settled in for some piece and quiet. 

Shopping in down town Traverse City, The Cherry Festival, watching the sunset and making somore's over the campfire ;)

Oh yes, and this trip we are heading off to wine country for some wonderful local made cheese and great wines.

Summer Vacation on Lake Leelanau, Michigan

Lake Leelanau, Michigan 2009

The first vacation for the summer is always exciting as we arrive at the lake.

The first thing you want to do is run down to the dock and stand over the water taking in all the fresh air and beautiful views you don't seem to find at home.  Sleeping with the windows open listening to the water splash along the shoreline seems to lull you off to a much needed good nights sleep so you can dream about the first quaint little shop you will hit first thing in the morning during your shopping trip ;)

Then you wake up early!!  For what ever reason, can't sleep in too excited.  Make the coffee, the pot is taking too long!  Sit on the edge of the porch over looking the water in the slight morning breeze listening to the birds and the wind chimes.

Could life get any better?

Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michigan's Fishtown Preservation Society

Fishtown is a collection of weathered fishing shanties, smokehouses, overhanging docks, fish tugs and charter boats along the Leland River in Leland, Michigan. Once the heart of a commercial fishing village, the structures and docks are real places where people can walk through, see and feel a connection to Lake Michigan’s fishing heritage. For the past half-century it has been enjoyed and appreciated by thousands of visitors and regional residents who find the shanties, fish tugs and docks that make up the property a living legacy of our maritime culture. 

Loaded with all sorts of cute shops everything from one that has hand dipped ice cream (including the real Blue Moon), resort wear, Crocs, windsocks & flags, Michigan pottery, smoked fish, old fashioned candy store named "The Dam Candy Store" sitting right next to the dam, restaraunts and tons of wonderful art.

To read more from the Fishtown Preservation Society go here:

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off To Traverse City and Leland Michigan For Vacation!!

Soon we will be running all over the Great Lakes of Michigan and their wonderful wine country!  

I can't wait!  Waking up to coffee on the deck over looking the beautiful lake Leelanau.  I promise to take lots of photo's in all the quaint art and clothing shops.  We can't wait to get our hands on some Sisson's fresh baked bread and their wonderful dips.  Fish town has the worlds best smoke whitefish dip..... it's making me hungry thinking about it :)

Golf is in the plan, winery tours, Black Star Farms cheese... yummo!  Oh yes and The Fourth Of July Fireworks on the beach.  

Life can't get any better :)

Happy Summer!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Movie Review: Napa Valley's - Bottle Shock

A story set in the vineyards in Napa Valley

Surfing through my Blog Reads I came across this review from:

It sounded interesting so we added on Netflix that same day.  We were very thrilled that it came up as an instant selection.

It is based on the true story of Napa Valley struggling to get California wines on the map.  This will happen if Napa wines wines win the blind tasting against the French.

It is a great movie filled with many, many wonderful actors: Bill Pullman, Alan Rickman, Chris Pine and Rachael Taylor.  If you are a wine buff you will appreciate this one!

We loved learning about Napa's history of their struggle to keep from losing the vineyards
  due to the French ruling the wine market, but in 1976 on our historical Birthday things take a big turn for our country.

I highly recommend this one!  Loved it :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

New York Color Summer Nail Polish

Two new fun summer nail polish colors that my Tween Chloe' loves:

New York Color, Long-Wearing Nail Enamel in two great shades.

Fuchsia Shock Creme #111A 


 Pink Promenade Creme #109A

I love them also!  Looks wonderful with tan legs and the colors scream Summer Fun!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Minx - Great New Nail Product!

A great product find!  Minx Nail Coverings!  Apparently you can forget the polish and get Minx ed.  The overlay comes in tons of designs everything from Gold, Silver, Plaid, Alligator to Polka Dots.

Love it!  And it lasts four to six weeks, even better.  So far only available in Salon's.  To find a Salon near you go to http://minxnails.com/  and check it out.

Updated their website sorry all :)

Happy Summer!


Kim T. said...

Ooooooh, I like. Thanks for hte tip.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heart Felt Gifts For Fathers Day!

Here is a list of things for your kids to do to make Father's Day more special:
  • Make Dad breakfast in bed
  • Homemade Photo Album
  • Posters
  • Homemade Cards
  • Take Dad out for breakfast
  • Take Dad out to dinner
  • Gift certificate for a massage
  • A new shirt
  • Take Dad fishing
  • Cook Dad a steak on the grill
  • Take Dad golfing
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Give lots of hugs
  • Clean the garage for Dad
  • Wash Dads car
  • Mow the lawn for Dad
  • Bake Dad a cake
  • Bake cupcakes for Dad
  • Take Dad to the Dairy Queen for ice cream
Make Dad feel special on his special day.  Nothing is better than sharing this special day with the ones you love!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Pink Hat

My Friend Kenny, his Sister and "The Pink Hat" 
Love the Pink Hat!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Book Club Read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

We are currently reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  The #1 New York Times Bestseller:

About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, Edward was a vampire.

Second, there was a part of him -- 
and I didn't know how dominant that part might be --
that thirsted for my blood.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably
in love with him.

Deeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful, TWILIGHT is a
love story with a bite.

Stephenie Meyer

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Deals In Maxi's Dress Fashions For Summer! Start Saving Money Now!

You can find super deals for your favorite fashions by shopping the over stock and close out stores!

I found this great Maxi Dress for $19.99 at TJ Max store.  It is made well, very stylish and the best part it was at least 75% off the retail price.

I also picked up so long stretch tank tops at a steal.  I found them in every color for just $4.00.  I thought I got a deal from Nordstrom last year!  Everyone needs the basics in their wardrobe.  Solid color tanks are a staple and can be worn under almost anything.

So check out your Marshall's or TJ Max for great money saving deals today!  Go ahead ask the Manager when the trucks come in, they will tell you.  I picked out my great finds right off the rack while they were unloading them :)

Happy Summer!

Stop The Lice Use: Lice Free Zone Natural Leave In Conditioner

"No Lice here!"

Lice hanging around your child's school?  It is at ours!  Yes the last couple days of school and it's going around like wildfire!

I use this product on my kids. Lice Free Zone Leave In Conditioner.

  • It REPELS Lice & other insects naturally from hair.
  • Infused with Tea Tree & Andiroba Oils.
  • Moisturizes and De tangles
  • Kid friendly Lavender scent!
You can find it online at Circle of Friends site:  http://www.cofbath.com/

Check it out today!  They also have other products available.  I have been using this for the last three years and we have not had a case of lice yet!

Happy Summer :)

New Fun Clutches For Summer Parties

Posted in Daily Candy:

Nelle of the Ball
Nelle Clutches

hold on!

You’ve got the fox-trot down and your updo intact.

All you need is a place to stash your dance card.

Look no further than a Nelle handbag. The cute-as-a-button clutches are prim and proper without being stuffy.

There are six styles, most of them available in sixteen vibrant colors ranging from canary to eggplant. But it’s the details that make them so special. Crafted out of various fabrics, the carryalls have pleats, ruffles, ruching, ribbons, and rhinestone brooches.

Starting at just $65 apiece and maxing out at $195, they only look fancy and expensive.

So don’t get your crinoline in a bunch.

Available online at 

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm having a Girl's Night Out Party on the patio!

I am going to take these things in this box and transform them into Gal's Night Out Party on the patio tonight!  I'm getting out the fire pit and we will even have somores!  The weather is going to be sunny all day warming up to a brilliant 75 degrees by 4:00.

I will post the finished party scene and show you what you can do with some flowers, sterling cups, fun paper products and candles!

We are going to welcome Summer!

OKAY!  I'm back this is what you can do:

Set up your bar area.  I choose a out of the way spot to break it up a bit.  By adding lighting 
in the trees and candles it set the tone as the sun set.

Set your bar with only a few choice drinks, I made pitchers of White Sangria (found in my recipe box  Click here for link to my site: Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! or http://karenbcookingmadeeasy.blogspot.com/ ) filled some glasses with fruit for garnish.  Ice bucket and wine cooler with ice, two liqueurs for martini's and a couple mixers.  Here I used one type of glass for everything.  I stocked at least glasses per person.

Adding greenery, flowers and candles to the buffet adds a special touch.

My Co-Hostess Kim and our first guest of the evening Kristen.

Thank You For Visiting!