Monday, November 23, 2009

How To Get Cyber Monday and Black Friday Coupons and Savings!

To all my readers here are some savings for you!

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are upon us already so here are some great coupons and savings to all your favorite stores even foodie places like Whole Foods, Ghiradelli and Harry and David.

Restaurants, Sporting Goods, Department and more, click the link below and go to Karen B's Cooking Made Easy to get to the site:

Happy Shopping ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oprah To Retire From Talk Show Next Year!

Announced today Oprah Winfrey will retire from her famous talk show next year. She has said with teary eyes today that this will be her last year and has started the count down.

Oprah a staple in many many women and men's afternoon lives for what some twenty five years. Oprah has touched many lives and helped to many people even starting a girls school in Africa. Giving to the needy through her Angle network, publishing a magazine and her world famous "Oprah's favorite things list".

Anything she has touched seem to turn to gold for the person lucky enough to get their items on her show.

She will be missed but I think she will not be gone. My guess is that she is up to something else that will make everyone happy ;)

God Bless you Oprah Winfrey!!!

Happy Fall!

Top Must Have Shoe's In Your Wardrobe Daniblack

Rachel Zoe a celeb stylist has a little list. On this list were the must have shoes you need in your wardrobe (closet, let's get real here). Of course she wears the "high" heel that I could NEVER walk in but she looks oh so great!

All women need a great pair of black pumps. Comfy, stylish, well made and for a great price point! A great pair of black pumps will take you far and go with anything from day into night.

Another must is women's sandals like theses Daniblack sandals in black zebra print. Great with a skirt, shorts and Capri's.

A great pair of flats is third. Something comfortable for you. If your like me you need to try on a ton to get the right pair. But once you shop around you will find your favorite brand.

Booties like these grey sued beauties by Daniblack sandals.


A great little bootie you can wear with anything. Pants, skirts and shorts. This style shown made by Danilback has the right cut in the front lower on the ankle to flatter any leg and thin out and lengthen your leg. Well made and oh so gorgeous and stylish to boot ;)

The one staple every women needs are a great pair of boots. Pick a heel that works for you. Black is neutral and brown I would say is next in line, you can wear one or the other at any given time.

For well made shoes, boots and women's sandals at a great price check out Danilback

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Giveaway At Karen B's Cooking Made Easy!

Great Giveaway over at Karen B's Cooking Made Easy!

Click this link: Free Lucky Leaf Pie Filling and Topping Gift Box Giveaway! to get your chance to win and it's totally free! Gift box will be sent directly to you if you win. Check it out just in time for the Holidays ;)

Happy Fall ')

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Giveaway Starts Soon For Lucky Leaf Pie Filling Gift Box!

Giveaway starting soon over at Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! Click the link below to find out more on how you can win a free gift box of Lucky Leaf's Pie Fillling Products!

Happy Fall ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Math Tutoring Available Online With

With the 2009 school year well under way many children will be needing some extra help to grasp a subject to be able to keep up. The last thing they need to do is to fall behind. It only gets harder not easier and if they are behind it isn't easy to caught back up.

The toughest subject for most children is math. Getting math help is not an easy task if both parents are working. You may need to get a online math tutor.

Getting online math tutoring is convenient and easy. There are sites like that offer online math help. Their site even offers free online math tutoring and free online math help demo's to help get you started.

Your children can get a online math tutor for his or her specific grade level. Shopping around is highly recommended. You should choose what is best for you and your child's needs.

Education is so important for your child's future. Don't let them fall behind. Help is available with out having to leave the house get help if you need to!

Happy Fall ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jimmy Choo now at H&M Stores!

How exciting JIMMY CHOO is now at H&M stores! And at a very reasonable price point also! For around a hundred dollars you can pick up a pair and not have to spend an arm and a leg!

We LOVE this!

With today's economy I am glad to see that some designers are realizing that not everyone can spend like they used to and probably will not go back to spending the way they once did before.

Spotted recently at the Jimmy Choo launch party for H&M many celebrities arrived to show their support for the show designer and store. Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Gabrielle Reece, Tamara Mellon and Margareta van den Bosch, Paris and Nicky Hilton to name a few.

Happy Shopping!

Gold Coins Gain a Gold Investment Company

Gold Coins Gain is a gold investment company. The company has up to date gold investment information available to everyone interested in investing for your future.

With Gold at around $1,060. an ounce you may want to take a look at some helpful information available to consumers today.

The site offers daily gold coin news, information for your IRA, 401K and gold market analysts.

You can research the company yourself (which is recommended) before making any decisions on investing in gold, gold coins and or gold bullion. Gold bullion has been around for hundreds of years and has always maintained it's value. If your interested in investing take a moment to check out Gold Coins Gain for more valuable information. They offer company information, services, help and testimonials about the company.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dalla Diva's and Daughters is it a joke?

I just watched an episode of Dallas Diva's and Daughters. It makes me wonder why the kids these days are so messed up.

Five Dallas Mom's and their spoiled rotten Daughters star in the reality show. One Mom and Daughter duo are the out casts. The girls are friends but the Mothers are not. Another duo the Mom looks like a clown, single and trying to land a rich man. The rest of the cast are just unbelievable.

Two Daughters throw their Mom's a Birthday party to be able to have a later crewfew and take a trip to Cabo. Spending over $40,000.00.

In the meantime another Daughter is mean to her Mom and yells at her to purchase her a new Landrover which she says on camera that this is what she does to get her way and it works! So her Mother has her go to work with her as her Stylist Assistant. After just one day the Daughter says she has more than earned the Landrover :(

I have decided that I am going to delete the TIVO on this program. I have a Daughter and I would never want to end up like them no matter how much money was involved. Can someone send them a reality check please!


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