Monday, July 19, 2010

Online Game Playing Is Fun But Be Careful!

Online gaming has become a really big deal. Just as big or not bigger than Facebook.

There is no longer any need to hop on plane to Vegas or the local Indian Reserve to stick the coins in the slots. All you have to do now is turn on your computer.

Online slots games and many many others are so easily accessible it can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure you do your home work first prior to signing up and for heaven's sake handing over that little plastic card you carry around in your wallet.

Play to have fun not lose your savings. Playing the online slots can be thrilling and tons of fun as long as you play within your means. Set a limit for you self and or your spouse before starting to log in. If you win wonderful.... remember to walk away. If can't do that then don't even start. Find the slots that don't take money to play if you have no self control.

Most important.. don't let the kids play! This will not do anything but cause trouble. Minors shouldn't play and are not allowed to play. Keep them on the Wii or Nintendo.

There are many different levels from beginner all the way up to VIP. Take the tutorials to learn how to play. This is a great advantage to learning ahead of time before you start.

Be careful!

Be careful and have fun....

Happy Gaming :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hills Is Clearly The Best Reality Show On TV

This was written by guest blogger Sammy Renolds

I love Tuesday nights. Do you know why? If you watch the same show that I do, then you might. I’m referring to The Hills. At first, I thought I would hate it. The only reason I watched it was because my wife talked me into it. She had watched the other reality show when they were all in high school. This is another reason I felt I wouldn’t like it – I wasn’t familiar with the characters. But, I will say that it is very entertaining. And what people underestimate is the quality of the music during the show. It’s very trendy and fitting for the mood of the upcoming scene. If we add all the beautiful women, then that’s another plus. And if you are a woman, then I suppose you would find the men beautiful.

I think the reason people love The Hills so much is because as they’re watching it, they’re dreaming of having that lifestyle. But, some of the people on the show are more likeable than others. For instance, Spencer is not the most likeable person in the world. Justin is a distant second. Come to think of it, the only person I really like on the show is Audrina. I guess I only watch it for the drama between all of them. I love drama, as long as I’m not a part of it. The season is winding down and I’m looking forward to Tuesday so I can sit down, relax, and watch The Hills on my satellite tv. Now I just need to learn how to record satellite tv.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

iPretty Wild/i's Alexis Neiers Breaks Silence on Burglar Bunch: "I Didn't Do Anything Wrong"

Part of the Hollywood Bling thefts has come to light... as if you didn't know already! I didn't sorry, 40 something Mom of two children who are not at this age yet!!! I was too busy worrying about their daily lives than to watch the next reality show... but then it was on in the middle of the day. It caught my attention... the scantily clad Sister's... and so on...

The sweet Sister of the new reality show "Pretty Wild" has been convicted or has she?

The "E" reality show which premiered prior to her conviction shows her having to change her wardrobe - to more conservative - for the court.... I started watching thinking is was a younger version of the "Housewives" shows......... only to find out that these young, underage hoochie type gals wanting attention are for sure getting it.

You can read on further from E online for more info:

iPretty Wild/i's Alexis Neiers Breaks Silence on Burglar Bunch: "I Didn't Do Anything Wrong"

All I have to say is "where are their Parents?"

Enjoy or NOT!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Do Not Advertise Your Trip

Guest blog post from Janet Monrad

We are a house full of internet junkies and the one thing I tell my kids is that when we are going away, do not post anything about it online. With all of my children on Facebook and all of their 400 friends, I do not want them telling the world that we are leaving to go on vacation and how long we will be there. Of course, they do not like this and all of their 400 friends are trustworthy (yeah, right!). So, I tell them they can post pictures and talk about their vacation when we get back.

Of course, we also have an ADT Security alarm we set before leaving and we do other things to make it look like someone is at the house. We have timers set to turn lights and a radio on. We also use a timer to turn the back porch lights on. This, we feel, may deter an intruder if they feel they might be seen by others.

We make sure all windows and doors are locked, even basement windows and doors. We make sure to put away any ladders that may help an intruder reach upper windows and any tools that may enable a break-in.

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