Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skin Care A History

Acne Light Treatment

Face Exercises? Your thinking really!!

The answer to your questions are "but of course". Exercise is good for your entire body. Why would you skip your face?

I watched a TV show years ago. They were doing face exercises. Very smart. You work out the rest of your body to become more tone and fit. The show also talked about your neck. You may look silly doing these but give them a try in the car while your driving. What else do you have to do? NOT talk or text on your phone right!!!! Didn't think so!

Do as the Greeks used to do, I still do, I put some Olive Oil in my hair. A couple drops on the palm of your hand, rub together and smooth over fly aways and ends for a great shine. It's the next best thing if your out of Moroccan Oil.

Skin care is important so don't forget that when your taking care of the rest of your body!

Happy Spring :)

Kim's Wedding

Written by my friend Dong Wood

I logged onto http://www.directstartv.com/ and upgraded our television package. We did it just in time for me to catch the “Kardashian Wedding Special.” I have always followed the gossip magazines and loved the Kardashians. Since we moved, we hadn’t gotten E! I realized how much I was missing watching the show and as soon as I saw that Kim’s wedding was going to be televised, I had to make sure that I got it. I really enjoyed the wedding special. I think that they are a close family, but I never really like Kris Humphries, Kim’s husband. So when I saw on television the other day that Kim had filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after only seventy-two days, I was disappointed. I was also really disappointed that they filed for divorce less than a month after their wedding special aired! I guess sometimes celebrity marriages are doomed and fail, especially if they are on reality television. I am hoping that Khloe and Lamar still last, because I think they are a cute couple and love them. They got married after three weeks!

Spring Fashion Trend Colors 2012

Spring has sprung! Or so we think. Mother Nature may still send us another Wintry present!

Reading up on some Fashion Blogs these strange sounding Spring Trend Colors caught my eye and made me wonder.....humm....

Let's take a gander, can you help me describe the following Spring Trend Colors? I can do well on my own with the Marshmallow!

Lime Blossom, Clotted Cream, Hemp, Tortoiseshell
Shadow, Lupin, Foliage, Apple
Sage, Jacinth, Formica, Smoothy,
Wysteria, Asian Bronze, Shanghai Mist, Earth
Anemone, Oxygen, Baby Doll, Marshmallow
Rhubarbe Jelly, Babychick, Grape, Marsala

Happy Spring!

New Karen B's Cooking Blog For College Students

Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! is starting a brand new cooking blog for College Students!

How great is that! I will be specific for College Dorm Students who have just left their nest (their Mother) and need to learn to cook on their own.

Keep your eyes peeled! It's coming soon!

Happy Cooking :)

New Karen B

National Pie Day March 14th

Hop on over to Karen B's to get the most recent Pie Day baking tips and hints from Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings!

Click this link:

Karen B's Cooking Made Easy!

Lucky Leaf is one of my fav's and is always a stand by in my kitchen. The post is loaded with great information. Check it out :)

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