Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Fashion Trend Colors 2012

Spring has sprung! Or so we think. Mother Nature may still send us another Wintry present!

Reading up on some Fashion Blogs these strange sounding Spring Trend Colors caught my eye and made me wonder.....humm....

Let's take a gander, can you help me describe the following Spring Trend Colors? I can do well on my own with the Marshmallow!

Lime Blossom, Clotted Cream, Hemp, Tortoiseshell
Shadow, Lupin, Foliage, Apple
Sage, Jacinth, Formica, Smoothy,
Wysteria, Asian Bronze, Shanghai Mist, Earth
Anemone, Oxygen, Baby Doll, Marshmallow
Rhubarbe Jelly, Babychick, Grape, Marsala

Happy Spring!

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