Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brian Boitano on Food Network?

Sitting down to watch my fav show I couldn't believe my eyes... Brian Boitano on Food Network!!

Read more here at my food blog Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! Click the link:

Happy Summer ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Teens Back To School Savings At dELiAs!

Teens can find great bargains at dELiAs for back to school shopping. I just received information that they are having a huge sale with savings up to 80% off prices!

80% off is a huge savings in today's economy.

You can get shoes for $9.99, jeans for $14.99, really cute dresses for $14.99 and tanks for $5.99.

I'm a Mom of two and I love their tee's and long sleeved Henley's they have a longer length at the waist and longer style sleeves. dELiAs also has great graphic tees too! You can tell I'm a big fan of the store ;)

My guess is the clearance stuff with go fast. They are also offering FREE shipping on orders over $75.00 use this code at checkout:

Here is the link:

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Ninth Season Celebrities Revealed

The new list of the Sixteen celebrities that will be on the famous "Dancing With the Stars" TV show is now out! Celebrities of entertainment and sports worlds will be tango-ing and foxtrotting on the new season of "Dancing With the Stars."

This is rumored to be the shows largest cast ever.

And here they are:

  • Singers Mya and Macy Gray
  • Actors Melissa Joan Hart and Ashley Hamilton
  • Model Kathy Ireland
  • Reality star Mark Dacascos
  • Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin
  • Entertainer Donnie Osmond.

The ninth season of the hit ABC show will premiere on September 21.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Neil Diamond - Hot Night In August/ NYC 2009

Caught a peek at the Neil Diamond NYC 2009 special while channel surfing... What a voice! What a guy!

Neil Diamond can still pack the house at his age ;) His voice still sounds as great as it did the very first time I listened to one of his songs. It almost brings tears to your eyes.

The camera crew took him to his old neighbor hood and to the home he grew up in. Some people didn't have a clue who he was and others welcomed him with open arms.

He didn't have a hard time filling the venue to capacity and the crowd was on their feet singing and dancing the entire show! Good for him... you go guy; :)

To see more check out his official website:


Candy Spelling Speaks Out On Regis and Kelly

Candy Spelling is on Regis and Kelly right now speaking out against her Daughter Tori Spelling.

The long on going feud between Mother and Daughter has came to a head. She is accusing Tori of "making her the butt of a joke" on the reality show Tori and her Husband Dean star in.

Candy has also announced that she has not met her Grandchildren and did not go to the Birthday parties because she didn't want to be part of the reality show. She also said that she texts and calls Tori with no return response. She is hoping that being on this show and speaking out will be a "wake up call" to her Daughter.

Hummm.... what do you all think?

Did I also mention that she has written a book?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shopping in Chicago - The Lego Store

My Son and I tagged along on a business trip with the Husband. We headed off to the Lego store. Jack 4 1/2 was in Lego shock. He didn't know what or where to look. He ended up playing at the Lego table where thousands of other little hands have been.

My Husband tried to head him off at the pass but failed. So we just let him play. Trying to scope out where we could find some hand sanitizer (which we left in the car).

Fun, fun stuff! They had a area where you could get a large plastic cup to fill with different Lego pieces in every color shape and size, kind of a buy by the pound thing. Jack had fun filling his cup with stairs, flowers, wheels, tree branches pieces he somehow knew he would need someday.

The Lego store is for Boys like the American Girl store is for Girls. We left with two very large bags of Lego's, so that's what a million pieces to get sucked up by the vacuum.

Then it was off to Giradelli's for Chocolate and Ice Cream ;) I picked up some ground chocolate! I am so excited to try it. It's one of their original items. You can use it in baking, hot chocolate, coffee the list is endless ;)

Jack finally fell asleep in the stroller, so I popped into some clothing stores and grabbed a pair of dark boot cut jeans and a gray wool jacket for fall. I enjoyed the attention from the Sales gals willing to help the Mom with the sleeping child. Life is good ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Passes Away at 88

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Founder of the Special Olympics a great woman has passed away early this morning in Hyannis, Mass.

Eunice the Sister of President John F. Kennedy founded the Special Olympics and was a large supporter for the rights of the mentally disabled. She was a celebrity, activist as well as a social worker during her life.

You can read more about Eunice's accomplishments and her life at her website: Eunice Kennedy Shriver: One Woman's Vision.

She will be dearly missed. God Bless.

Happy Summer ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Paula Abdul and Dancing With The Stars?

Paul Abdul has been asked to sign on to be a judge or a contestant on the popular show Dancing With The Stars. So she will not be out of a job for long.

Rumor has it however, that she is still open to return to American Idol if the price is right for $10 million dollars. The drama continues!

I will keep you posted ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dooney & Bourke Giraffe Print Tote World Wide Debut!

Just channel surfing this morning and I ran across this new find:

Dooney & Bourke world wide debut of the new Giraffe Print Leather Trim Tote is now available on QVC! The beautiful bag is priced at $136.

All leather trim work with a little card case included with a choice of six colors. I thought they were very hot! Dooney is known for the quality in the bags and have been around for ever. You can go online to QVC to look at them.

Happy Summer!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kenneth Cole's New Four Inch High Heel You Can Wear All Day!

Kenneth Cole - brings us the new four inch high heel that you can wear all day?

He has designed a high heel shoe that a waitress could wear her entire shift. It took him a couple years working on the perfect fit, then worked on the look.

Kenneth Cole's new collection The Silver Edition 925 has more cushioning in the ball area of the foot enabling you to wear them all day and night in comfort. They also have memory foam throughout the sole, a flax seed pillow to support arches, a flexible rubber sole and sheepskin lining for comfort and breath ability.

Women who have tested them said they didn't have the toe and heal pain or blisters from walking a mile while wearing them. They also said "it feels like walking on mini shock absorbers".

The price point for the Silver collection run from $130. to $165. per pair, you are paying for comfort. There are seven different styles to choose from; booties, heels to flats. You can find the line at

Look for them let us know what you think ;)

Happy Summer!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paula Abdul's Exit From American Idol Why?

Paula Abdul is no longer on American Idol? Rumors say it was money related.

Paula Abdul an Idol judge for what, the last eight years has left the show. They are saying she had a history of being late, undependable, acting loopy, not paying attention as well as other issues. If this was the reason then why keep her for so many years?

A new gal (I don't even know her name!) was brought in as judge what last year? Was it a warning to Paula to get it together or leave? Did it work?

Rumor has it that it was all over money. The other two judges Simon and Randy apparently were making $15 million compared to $2 million Paula was bringing in (or something around that). Paula was asking for a raise, $12 million. She is or was on the show as much as the others, as a judge so why not?

I think she should have received a raise! Why were the others making so much more? Do you know the name of the "new gal"? I think it will be strange to watch the show with out Paula. I'm not a die hard fan but with out Paula sitting next to Simon arguing over the new up and coming talent just won't be the same :( It will be interesting to see what happens this Season.

There are rumors of Paula moving to a new show "So You Think You Can Dance". Maybe that's why she left or for another job. Let's hope so! I think Paula will be missed on American Idol. It's kind of like when all of a sudden they changed "Mr. Brady" the Dad from The Brady Bunch show. That didn't' sit well now did it.

Let me know what you think ;)

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009 Best Dressed by Vanity Fair - Obama, Pitt, Cruz

Vanity Fair's 2009 Best Dressed list announced this morning. Many Women as well as Men made the best dressed list this year.

Both President Obama and his Wife made the list this year. Vanity Fair saying that the President has a natural ease and elegance with his fashion, he feels comfortable in his own skin. He cares how he looks but not too much. Even when he wore jeans to throw out the first pitch at a recent baseball game.

Brad Pitt made the list with out this wife Angelina Jolie. Brad always looks sharp and plays with accessories; jewelry, hats and scarf's.

Ann Hathaway has brought elegance to the younger hip frumpy actors scene. She is tall, lean and can wear anything adding a touch of grace.

Making the Hall of Fame list is no other than Katherine Deneuve. A style icon for many many years.

Here are some more A lister's that made the list:
  • Michelle Obama
  • Carla Sarkozy
  • President Obama
  • Brad Pitt
  • Tiki Barber
  • Ann Hathaway
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Katheryn Deneuve - Hall of Fame
Happy Summer!

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