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Cupcakeasaurus CD Release Party With Mr. Tom Seley In Birmingham Michigan

For immediate release

‘Cupcakeasuarus!’ brings smart, imaginative rock ‘n roll to ‘tweens

Popular local musician, Mr. Seley, releases second album May 23

Click here: Mr. Seley - Music that kids really like

ROYAL OAK, Michigan.—Kids of all ages are invited to attend the CD release concert for Mr. Seley’s second album, “Cupcakeasaurus,” from 2–3 p.m. Sunday, May 23, at the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham, Michigan.

The album, which features songs such as, Pluto is a Planet, Stone Age Kid and the title track, Cupcakeasaurus!, builds on Mr. Seley’s past success with Eat Your Books (And Read Your Vegetables) offering kids in the ‘tween years (8-12 years old) a rare mix of age-appropriate lyrics and rock that plays to their sensibilities.

“I wanted this album to be even more rock n’ roll,” says Tom (Mr.) Seley, who also teaches third- and fourth-graders at Birmingham Covington School. “More rock ‘n roll provides more opportunity for audience participation, including parents, and a way for my band, The Troublemakers, to show how fun it is to play music.”

On the surface, the songs are fun, catchy and dance-able. But Seley says he tries to write music that will grow with kids and provides an opportunity for them to use their imagination.

“I always try to respect their intelligence and level of humor. I also try to foster creativity through my songs,” he says. “Kids love to sing along and imagine themselves in the roll of the narrator, which is why I wrote Stone Age Kid. I thought it would be fun for kids to sing that song and imagine that they are a Stone Age Kid, suddenly transported into modern times.”

During the free concert, Mr. Seley and The Troublemakers will play his popular songs while kids and their families sing along.

Seley says he decided to write music specifically for 'tweens when he realized little quality music existed specifically for 8-to-12-year-olds. While younger kids enjoy Raffi, Barney and Sesame Street, once they reach age 7 or 8, they consider this music “baby-ish,” according to Seley.

“Popular music on the radio—with its boyfriend/girlfriend themes—is not yet developmentally appropriate for these kids,” he says. “Third and fourth-graders deserve great music too, so I set out to write songs for this age group.”

Seley, a longtime guitarist and singer/songwriter, has led a sing-along with the kids at Birmingham Covington School each week after school for the past five years. Staff members, administration and students at Birmingham Covington School encouraged him along the way.

Seley aspires to share his music with as wide an audience as possible and continue teaching his third- and fourth-grade multi-age classroom in Birmingham.


1The album will be available on CD at the concert, on his website,

Click here: Mr. Seley - Music that kids really like

on CDBaby : Discover Music on iTunes and at Solo Records, 30118 Woodward Ave., beginning May 23.

The concert will take place at the Baldwin Public Library, 300 West Merrill St. Birmingham, MI To learn more about Mr. Seley, listen to his music, and for his upcoming summer concert tour to

locations such as the DIA, the Detroit Zoo and more, visit Mr. Seley - Music that kids really like

My Kids LOVE his music and it so fun ;) Come and check it out if you can and get there early, hundreds of people show up! It's a BIG DEAL!!!

Have a Happy DAY!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Happy Shopping ;)

Karen B.

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Happy Shopping Ladies ;)

Karen B.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

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Happy Pampering ;)

From Baseball To The Superbowl Family Events Start With Love And Ticket America

Summer is here already. Soon school will be out mid June for most of our Children.

Sleeping in late and Family vacations are something everyone looks forward to during the summer time. Some great Family outings are usually in your very own back yard. From museums exhibits to baseball games like the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field offer a lot for Families or Dad and Son day out.

Why not hope over to Giant Stadium and catch an afternoon game watching the New York Giants play the Detroit Tigers. Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. The famous summertime pastime is still holding it's own even during this slow economy. Most of the venues offer great deals including meals and great seats.

For those Football lovers Super Bowl Tickets are not so far around the corner. It's never to late to start planning your trip. My Husband just finished watching the draft picks the other day! I was so surprised because it's baseball season. He just laughed. I know I said it's a "guy" thing. I'm ever so happy to take my Daughter to the salon to get a mani pedi any day.

Games are fun to go to I prefer baseball, oh and did I mention the Tigers? They sort of have my heart on a string. I love the noise, crowds, being able to shell the peanut's and drop the mess all over the floor ;) and most of all the organ. Which I may add some venues do not use anymore :(

The important thing is to spend some quality time with your children and have fun!

Happy Summer ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dior Mascara - Sephora - Sponsored Post

Dior Mascara - Sephora -

You can get Dior Mascara at Sephora! How conveneent is that while doing all your shopping in one stop :)

I LIKE that!

Happy Shopping ;)

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