Saturday, August 21, 2010

Road Trip To Chicago

Summer is almost over and it is time for back to school shopping! We decided to take a trip to the Windy City "Chicago" to do some shopping. So we loaded up my Friends Toyota Corolla with all the suit cases we gals would need for the weekend. Funny we had over packed as usual to go buy more clothes!

As we were rolling into Chicago the water pump decided to take a permanent break. Timing couldn't have been worse! But at least it decided to do it close to the hotel. We grabbed a cab and headed off to the hotel to begin a quick search for a Chicago auto repair place to get the water pump fixed.

It didn't take that long and soon enough we were on our way to begin our mission "shopping". We love Chicago it's like a mini New York but not so far. Hitting the pavement popping into all the shops and grabbing some lunch at an outdoor cafe' makes for a wonderful afternoon.

Heading back to the hotel now centrally located within walking distance to everything we freshen up and wander back out to grab some cute clothes like this brown and cream cute as a button outfit for my Tween. Then off to dinner.

Love shopping, love Chicago.

Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tweens and Teens Self Esteem?

Watching the multiple morning shows this morning one jumped out with a guest author of "Operation Beautiful".

The author stated that young girls actually start dieting at age (8) eight. Bulimia, anorexia and many other eating disorders are effecting children at younger and younger ages in today's world.

I have noticed that my "Tween" has become concerned about what she eats. She has even stated at one point that she is a vegetarian! My remark: "where did you get that from?" I corrected her right away and told her I am not going to make separate dinners because at the age of eight you have decided that you are a vegetarian.

We then had the conversation that she is beautiful, there is nothing wrong with the way she looks what so ever. Oh, and the fact that if she is a vegetarian she cannot eat all the wonderful fun things for dessert or some of her favorite foods. She frowned and started to think about it.

We eat very healthy and get lots of exercise. The kids swim on the swim team year round, ride bikes, play golf, tennis and play outside. The fridge in our home is mostly organic or as close to the farm as we can get. I have even planted a huge herb garden that actually started out as a small one but the herbs have even taken over the yard! Hubby has an issue with mowing the grass around it.

So back to my Tween. She does read labels, which is a good thing I think. She is learning what is good for you and what is not. And, that it is okay to eat certain things in moderation. Yes, she eats full fat ranch dressing on her salad.... but a very small amount. She is eating a salad loaded with tons of her favorite veggie toppings. Sometimes she doesn't even use dressing.

I will be reading up on this growing issue and will be posting more information to help bring awareness to you Mother's out there going through the Tween and Teen years!

Happy Parenting!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salt Water Taffy Candy Tweens and Teens Favorite!

One of the fav's for Tween and Teens during the Summer is Salt Water Taffy! Oh my! We had to pop into every shop from Charlevoix to Boyne City to grab this tasty treat!

One shop in downtown Charleviox has the candy by the barrel. You grab a basket and pick only the flavors you love.

We got some Caramel Coffee, Candy Corn, Banana the list goes on and on.


Happy Shopping!

Back To School Tween Fashion Shopping

On a recent trip to Boyne City Michigan we ran across this adorable Tween store. The Bird's Nest.

The photo was taken after we had dinner on Lake Charlevoix watching the sunset. Window shopping while eating ice cream is one of our favorite past times while on vacation.

The next morning we made a bee line to the shop to check it out. Our host's has two girls a Tween and a Teen. They showed us some of the clothes they purchased from the Bird's Nest that were just adorable!

My Daughter who is a Tween has fallen in love with the new hot in colors of green and blue. She is slowly transforming her room as we speak from the fab princess colors pink, purple and yellow to this turquoise blue and chartreuse green.

Love these new looks for back to school :) Stop by the shop if your up North. Cute ;)

Happy Shopping!

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