Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rachel Zoe Project - Love it ;)

I love The Rachel Zoe Project TV Show found on Bravo!

Stylist to the Stars Rachel Zoe has the reality cameras following her through out her hectic days dressing Stars like Demi Moore, Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway.

Finding them Emmy, Oscar and party dresses, filling their wardrobe for them because they are too busy to shop for themselves.

I have heard and read numerous rag magazines bashing her party ways and her anorexic weight issues as well as her rants and hissy fits. The show addresses all of these and to my surprise she doesn't at all come across that way.

Rachel has made a name brand for herself and works very, very hard to promote her business and her name. Unlike the Paris Hilton's who are just famous for absolutely no reason other than having rich parents!!!

If you love fashion hit Bravo and check out the show. You can see behind the scenes at photo shoots, fashion shows and parties.

Love it!

Parties, Weddings, Trade Show Tips

Having a wedding soon? Do you entertain quite often? Do you own your own business and need to get involved with trade shows to promote your business?

Think about purchasing your own linens for parties and events. Sure you can rent but here is a tip; purchase your own and save money.

I don't know how often I throw parties and have rented or purchased and tossed plastic table skirts and table covers. It starts to add up after a while. You can purchase chair covers, linens, table skirts, clothes, napkins in any color to keep on hand for entertaining.

I keep a few basic colors on hand, white, yellow and green. Great for any party theme and you can decorate quick and easily especially if your in a rush. And they can be attached easily with plastic skirting clips now available, no need for tacks or staples!

If you have a business, Yoga Studio, Salon, any retail business keep this in mind. When doing trade shows your trade show booths trade show booths sell your business. First impressions are important so it better be good.

table skirts,banner stands, dramatic draping with Pipe and Drape displays are a must. It helps you display your products and services in a more professional and appealing way.

If your having a party or event and need dramatic draping to enhance a room or to control your crowd Pipe and Drape displays can make your event more beautiful.

These days you can get Cloth's, Linen's, Skirts in any color from Black, White, Red, Orange, Pink any color under the rainbow.

Happy Party Planning ;)

Karen B's Cooking Made Easy Blog

Check out our Sister Blog:

A great Blog about Cooking with easy recipes! Karen B's offers recipes, tips, products, wine reviews and other information to help enhance every one's culinary experience!

Check it out today ;)

Cliniqus Bonus Time Is Here!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up, I need to go and get some new make up! Remember to toss out the old every few months. Using make up daily causes bacteria to get into the un-used portion of your makeup!

Clinique's Bonus time is back!!

September 27th through October 11th!

Don't miss out ;)

Choose from Pretty Days or Dressed-up Nights

Happy Fall!

American Girl Store Downtown Chicago

We just visited Downtown Chicago this last weekend. You cannot go to Chicago if you have a little girl with out visiting the American Girl Store!

This is the new store in downtown Chicago that opened late last year.

I am impressed! It is so much nicer than the old store. Bigger, with more room to get around.

There are tons and tons of displays around the store so your little girl can see the dolls and outfits. The displays show the dolls with the outfits on that are available either on shelves under the doll or to the side for easy shopping.

The new store has a little "shopping mall" type atmosphere with crafts, hair salon, Dr. Office, shows, snack shop and the famous dinning room.

My Daughter's new find this trip was the poster display!

Chloe's at the snack shop with her new poster.

The cute little snack shop has treats for your gal and her doll in doll size. Chloe' choose the white chocolate dipped marshmallow's with pink sugar swirls, her doll "Julie" got one too!
We had such a wonderful time spending Mommy and Daughter time together. Couldn't go to a better place. It is very cute and to see all the little girls walking around downtown Chicago with their dolls in there arms.

Later that evening we went to dinner and the doll was a welcomed guest too!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Fashion Colors 2009

Fall 2009
New fun colors for Fall Fashion

Purple, Brown, Mustard and Green pops of color to brighten up the fall season. Layer tanks and jeans with a extra long cardigan in the bright splashy colors.

Wide belts and boots, boots, boots.

Purple is great for work and works well into the evening.

Pair it up with silver pumps and your off.

So get off the couch from the orange, rust, brown and black and put some pop into this falls wardrobe. Oh, and don't forget the manicure! Deep purple's and blacks are still in for fall.

Have fun! Mix it up a bit ;)

Auto Repair, Oil Change, Tune Ups and Maintenance all online!

Ladies here is an interesting site you may want to check out.

We all have to drive a automobile and will for most of our lives. Along with driving that auto you will need to maintain and repair it. This site RepairPal I have found helps you out with all the automotive issues you may have. If you have kids that are driving or soon will be driving this is also helpful resource to keep on hand.

Repairpal founded in 2007 by a group of people who were tired of spending too much money to fix and maintain their vehicles. This site provides all the needed and helpful information you need to maintain and or repair your vehicle. If it's a oil change or a tune up they will even locate the best local shop for you!

The site even offers online records maintenance and will send you email reminders when service is due! I need all the help I can get in that remembering department ;)

Repairpal will find you the best shop and show you several locations in your immediate area. For example if you live in Seattle, look under Seattle auto repair to find shop locations near you.

Click here to view Seattle auto repair

If you are going to purchase a new vehicle be prepared before you go to the dealership. The Salesperson will not be able to pull one over on you if your prepared. You can look up common questions, answers, problems and ratings on vehicles like the Acura TL example below:

I think the thing I like the best is the online encyclopedia. It has everything you need to know about your automobile. If it's a oil change or a tune up all you have to do is look it up and they will give you a definition, what it means, what to do, when to do it and how.

This is a great website to keep on hand to use anytime for women, men, college students, single gals and new teenage drivers!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres Show Lawsuit?

The Ellen Show is tangled in a lawsuit! Apparently the music the shows plays on the hit talk show as she dances has copy rights and the show didn't get permission to play them on TV.

Okay who messed this on up?

The New York Times reported that 1,000 songs were violated. 1,000 songs! That's a huge mistake on some ones part don't you think?

I don't think this isn't going to look good for Ellen being as she is also now going to be the new Judge on the American Idol show. She will be taking Paula Abdoul's place next year. A ton of fans are already upset with that one saying that Ellen doesn't have a clue when it comes to music or being a judge for the show. She will have very large shoes to fill.

I will keep you posted ;)

New CD's by Furtado, Boosie, Braxton and Cudi

Nelly Furtado, Lil Boosie, Tyondai Braxton and Kid Cudi all have new CD's out:

  • Nelly's "Mi Plan"
  • Lil Boosie "SuperBad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz"
  • Tyondai Braxton "Central Market"
  • Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon: The End of Day"

Dan Brown's Lost Symbol out tomorrow!

Dan Brown has a new thriller making it's debut Tuesday the 15th.

Dan Brown known for the "The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons witch spawn off into movies has done it again. Let's see if the Lost Symbol is as good or better than the first two.

Both Characters are back Dr. Katherine Solomon and Robert Langdon and the new chase includes the secrets of Freemasonry that's set in Washington.

I think I will go stand in line and grab a copy! We loved the first two.

Happy End of Summer!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeding Dolphins $12,000.00 Fine!

In Sarasota Florida some people who are not very smart are feeding the wild Dolphins!

There is a $12,000.00 fine for feeding the wild animals! People are feeding them so often the Dolphins have now identified a new food source. I'm sorry but Potato Chips are not part of the Dolphins natural food supply.

The Dolphins will now actually swim along side the boats and "beg" for a handout. People think it's cute and exciting so they toss them what every they have on hand. Dolphins eat fish not people food.

The local Dolphins are now going through a rehabilitation to get them off people food!

Pass the word "Stop Feeding Dolphins" :(

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Is Time For Dance And New Dance Shoes!

September is time for back to school and after school activities. It's a hectic time getting prepared for everything and trying to cram that last vacation in at the same time.

My Daughter takes dance and, at the Tween age her feet grow everyday! Last year it was frustrating I had to purchase shoes in the Fall and then again before the recital. The little local "dance shop" wanted an arm and leg for shoes.

There are Youth Girls Dance shoes available for less. Zappo's for instance has everything from Men's Dance,Women's Dance and Youth Girls Dance shoes.

They carry tons of dance shoes including Ballet, Ballroom, Latin, Theatrical, Tap, Gymnastics, Lyrical and Jazz. The one brand that my Daughter's Dance Teacher requires for her students are the Capezio brand dance shoe. They also have them as well as every style in several colors from white, cream, tan, beige and black. Being a dance Mom and if you are one too you know having to spray paint shoes before recital is not something we really like to do! But the show must go on!

The free shipping both ways are also an added bonus.

To bad they don't take trade in's. I have several pairs that no longer fit and will have to be put in the garage sale ;)

Check out Youth Girls Dance if your in need of new dance shoe's for your little ballerina ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whitney Houston Central Park New York City

This morning on Good Morning America Whitney Houston is about to appear from seclusion.

I am sitting here drinking my morning cup of Joe and patiently waiting. It's amazing on how the networks can make you sit glued to the TV and make you wait by giving you little tid bits making you think what your waiting to see is up next! Nope still more news. She is just around the corner.

A line of hundreds and hundreds of fans lined up starting early last night to be the first to see her. Whitney has been out of the lime light for quiet some time now. I remember the last time I saw her on TV she looked like a doped up mess. So skinny that her bones looked like they were going to pop through the skin an any moment and she could barely walk down the stairs.

Then there was her reality show with bad boy Bobbie Brown :( who I believe was just recently arrested again for something... So happy she finally got rid of him.

So here comes the Diva of all Diva's AND THEY CUT TO A COMMERCIAL!

And now a word from our sponsor: Did you know that General Motors Buick brand is still the most desired vehicle brand in China? Yes it is and has been. We sell more Buick's in china than in the entire United States! I drive a Buick, the Enclave and I absolutely LOVE it! It's a great SUV for Mom's.

Okay here she comes finally.....

She looks good! Still has that strong sound. Dressed in skinny leather pants, long beige silk like tunic and beige jacket.

It's live so she sounds pretty good. The first song choice is okay allot of ah oh oo's. Not something I would download.

Shouting out of breath from her first song she loves New York! Being welcomed back by the GMA crew she is saying how thankful she is to be back and saying she never left at the same time?

Diane telling her she was worried about her for the last seven years, Whitney saying back "don't worry, there is nothing to worry about".

She has a performance with her daughter Bobbie Christina and sings a couple old favorites for her fans.

Monday September 14th she will be on Oprah for a back to back day event and will spill the beans about her life, drugs and everything that has been going on for the last seven or so years of her life. Tivo time ;) That should be something interesting to see!

Happy almost end of Summer!

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