Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York Times Interview With Make Up Founder Bobbie Brown

This Sunday's New York Times has a brilliant interview with Bobbie Brown, the Founder of Bobbie Brown cosmetics.

She is definitely her own person and after years of running her own company she has found that out.

Bobbie does not wear high heels she wears tennis shoes, that's what makes her comfortable "High Heels? They just don't fit" she says. High heels isn't what she is about as in they never felt right. She does however carry them just in case she needs them for photo shoots. She also mentions that she sits on the floor with her employees while working and is involved in every aspect of her company.

She hires people and also believes that you should start at the bottom. If you love a company and want to work there, if there is a receptionist job you get that job and "don't just sit there!" be an open sponge and work your way up.

My opinion is that this is so true. It would definitely make you appreciate what you worked so hard for.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Carly I Saved Your Life World Premier 2010 On Nick

Just starting I Carly world premier "I Saved Your Life".

Freddie filming Carly and Sam. Sam shoots the camera with a paint ball... green that is!

Setting scene:

Carly is a pink bunny suit, Sam still shooting the paint shooter.

Spencer tastes the paint left on the fridge.

His pizza coming out of the oven, is interrupted by Sam, Freddie is hurt. He was hit by a truck. A Taco truck. Sam is caught eating a taco from the truck that hit Freddie.

Freddie is in a leg cast. Broken, damaged. Carly is fine. Bearing flowers.

Freddie's Mother takes Carly's flowers for Freddie and soaks them in bleach.

Spencer singing "this little piggy to Freddie's hurt toes".

Carly flirts w/Freddie who saved her life. Spencer shoots Freddie's Mom w/paint.

Sam at school looking for Spencer prepared w/her paint gun. She aims, shoots, scores on a Rabi receiving triple detention.

Back at Freddie's house. He is in the shower, Carly and Fred's Mother does not get along. She blames her for getting him hit. Carly is in his room!! Freddie falls in the shower, no clothes on he stops her from entering to help. Carly grabs, snorkel mask and his socks to cover her eyes.... she goes in helps, the blind leading the blind.... gets him into bed. Whoa!

No one saw nothing, clean, he is safe covered in the blankets in his bed.

Scary moment and wet!! All is well.

Soft moment, she calls him a hero, he says "NOT" she says to me you are and "KISS" YES, Carly and Freddie KISS!


Mom walks in and sees the kissing.... screams! Moms hits Carly w/clothing.

Sam hiding in camo.... to get Spencer w/paint.

Back at school.... Carly/Freddie Love... Sam not pleased... Sam truthfully, says "your in a dream" Carly isn't in love w/you she is in love with you saving her life! He refuses to believe Sam.

Sam tricks Spencer w/fake delivery man, is he real? He lets him in w/very large box. Opens it, to find a large lolly pop! Sucker! Out pops Sam! Nails Spencer w/paint. Down he goes.

Sam is the winner!

Carly and Freddie meet, Kiss.. again.. yawn...are we boyfriend and girlfriend now he asked? She says "I don't know", kiss again.... he walks away, not wanting to kiss her, like her icky cousin Amanda.

Before I saved your life, nothing has changed, Freddie tells her she isn't in love with him, it's like bacon! She loves the bacon not him.

They agree to wait. When the hero thing wears off.... then.....

The END.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Piano Lessons With Yokewong, Keep The Arts In Our Children's Lives

Music is such an important part of our lives especially to children. It is important for children to play, listen and even sing music. Being exposed to the arts during their adolescence years is such an important part of growth.

With most activities being cut from school's these days we need to find classes and activities and instruction after school which is not an easy task. Band is still (for now) in most schools. So we as parents need to find alternatives like piano lessons, singing even theater classes elsewhere.

I took piano lessons when I was around seven years old. I can say that I can still play the piano to this day! I may not remember all the notes but I can still belt out chopsticks, batman and others with a couple minutes practice. Yes and I can still read music also.

Keep your kids involved in the Arts and help keep the Arts in our schools, it is so important.

Happy Winter ;)

Not surprising that piano lessons are available even online these days. Fancy electric keyboards have replaced the old standard Baldwin or Reed & Sons wood and ivory elephants we learned on about thirty five years ago.

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