Sunday, November 13, 2011

A'reopostale Sales For Girls Clothing

If you have a Tween or Teen you as a Mother know how hard it is to shop for them these days. Not only are the styles changing as quick as our young Girls change their mind, the styles are a lot more expensive than they used to be.

I am a bargain shopper when it comes to shopping at girl clothing stores. I look for quality as well as a great price. My Daughter is starting to care how she looks and is actually putting outfits together herself the night before school. Shockingly she is starting to get matchy as well. Her outfits are cute and color coordinated.

She does get an allowance and since she pays for some things herself she has became a tad thrifty. When it comes to spending Mom's money thrifty gets left at the door. I was in shock while on a shopping trip and she was spending her own hard earned cash as to how thrifty she was. We were popping in and out of some of her favorite girl clothing stores while she was grabbing items she liked and then would put them back because she thought she could shop around and find them on sale somewhere else.

We have a rule. If it's something she absolutely needs I will buy it for her. If it's something she wants she buys it. Also, if it's something she really wants and doesn't have enough for it we get it and she marks it down in her I.O.U. book that comes out of her allowance.

I am so grateful that my Daughter has learned the value of a dollar!

Happy Shopping :)

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