Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy Websites

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

Seriously, I think I have emailed this link for this TV service provider I use to nearly everyone I know. The direct link to the site,, takes you straight to all the most necessary and vital information you would need to know about TV services. Honestly, I did not expect the site to give so much information about cable TV, Internet and phone services. I am a fan of websites and services that bundle things together. I hate when I have to go to multiple websites to figure out all the necessary information. I remember when I applied to graduate school, the fact that all the information about each program was not in one easy to find place drove me insane. Sometimes links we dead. Most of the time the information I needed was not easy to find and some of the information on the school websites contradicted other web pages. I figured it all out, but it was just seriously such a pain. Now, I am relieved when I come across companies that put everything you need to know right upfront and in the easiest place to access.

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