Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hardwood Floor Water Damage Help

With all the bad weather and storms we have been experiencing a lot of homes have been hit hard. The flooding this year is terrible.

Homes entirely under water or with just basement water damage the list is endless. The Steam Team a company that has been taking care of all kinds of damage to homes this year. They provide services to help remove the water caused by flooding, Anti-microbial, Dehumidifying and drying.

First you will need an Inspection and Assessment from any company you choose, so do your homework. Don't just hire the first fly by night company that knocks on your door during a disaster.

Hard wood floors and drywall do not mix well with water at all. So if you do have hardwood floors water damage austin you need to act fast and get the floors dry immediately. Waiting for it to dry on it's own does not work. You cannot get the floors under the hardwood dry, this will cause the wood to expand and warp. The end result, it's ruined. We paid an arm and a leg to have real hardwood floors put in they are not cheap. So if you have hardwood floors water damage austin be sure to act fast and go to the professionals.

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